Generic Jenny

Salted butter PopLuck Popcorn.

Gluten free* Vegan*

Our salted, buttered PopLuck Popcorn is incredible!  Sometimes just the basics are the best and once you try Generic Jenny we think you will agree! Gluten free* Vegan*

All of our PopLuck Popcorn is popped in canola oil, using only non-GMO butterfly and mushroom kernels.

  • Small is approximately 5 cups
  • Medium is approximately 10 cups
  • Large is approximately 15 cups

(A typical serving of popcorn is between one to three cups per person, but hey we don't judge!)

*Disclaimer: PopLuck produces our popcorn in a facility that also may use dairy, wheat, soy, MSG, tree nuts and or peanuts. We cannot guarantee against cross contamination.